TAG Foot Brace

The T.A.G. (Toad Anti-Gravity) Brace


Utilizing patented prosthetic suspension technology, the custom Toad Anti-Gravity (TAG) Foot Brace completely unloads the foot and ankle complex and eliminates pressure and sheer which has been proven successful on patients that weigh up to 530 lbs! The TAG Foot Brace has the ability to heal the most stubborn of foot ulcerations.

The TAG Foot Brace is also the premier choice for lower limb fractures and reconstructions that require unloading such as distal tibia, foot, ankle and metatarsal fractures. By enabling the patient to ambulate during recovery time without the need for crutches, muscular atrophy is dramatically reduced while allowing the patient to apply weight to the rest of the skeletal structure to maintain density and stability.